Different ways of getting your 5 panel hat customised

The 5-panel hats are different than the regular baseball caps in design as well as in size; these hats have a bigger canvas which gives a lot of space for embellishment and for customising it in different ways. This 5-panel shape is new but has been booming since then and a lot of different brands have started incorporating this 5-panel baseball cap design. These 5-panel baseball hats or caps can be entirely customised according to the one’s need and purpose.

How can it be customised?

Custom 5-panel hats are quite popular and can be very easily customised; one can put all their creativity to use for this which defiantly looks quite striking and different. There are different ways in which every aspect of the cap can be customised and made differently. There are various online sites that make and design customised 5-panel hats, every aspect of the cap can be made differently to give it a unique look.

Choose and customise

  • Closure- In closure there are different options available like there is the option of snap closure, self-fabric with slide, nylon closure, leather with clip, leather belt, Velcro, elastic band and fitted closure options.
  • Fabrics- Cotton, polyester, wool, mesh, acrylic blend, suede, leather and satin are a few fabric options that can be used to get custom 5-panel hats made. Most of these fabrics are available in different colours, so with the fabric, you can also choose different colours.
  • Embellishments- There are various embellishment options like 3D embroidery, flat embroidery, Gradient embroidery, mat embroidery, metallic embroidery. You can also get different prints done as well as different patches put on the cap like embroidery patch, woven patch or the felt patch.

So there are various different ways to get the hats customised which can give an attractive look.