Driving Lesson Prices-An Overview

It is always better if a professional driving instructor takes up the responsibility of teaching you drive rather than your parents or relatives unless the instructor is your relative! After all, when people say it is difficult to learn but it is more difficult to unlearn what’s once been learned it must be based on some research, isn’t it? And in many states, until and unless you are really efficient in driving, passing the test is only a dream.

A Look at various driving tests

The strictness with which the driving test is conducted by the government varies from state to state and across various countries. While some countries easily reject any aspiring driver if one has not mastered the skill of driving, other countries have very lenient driving tests. Driving schools get you prepared separately for the theory part of driving, i.e, the road safety rules and understanding road signs and for practically learning how to drive well, in accordance with the rules and regulations imposed by the state. The fees collected by driving schools too vary accordingly.

Driving, a Costly Business Indeed!

The driving lesson price for a full course vary across different countries and very much across different private driving coaching centres. In countries like India, the driving fees are based on the full course. The payment is done for the whole course. On the other hand, in western countries such as the US and Britain, driving lesson prices are charged per hour. On an average, the cost of on-road driving lessons in America varies from $50 to $180 per lesson whereas in Europe it is £24 per lesson. For an average of around 47 lessons required, the total driving class price ranges around £1,128.

The prices range according to the intensity and rigor with which driving classes train you to drive safely and responsibly.