Email Filtering-Processor Of The Email

An email filter means a sort of program that helps in filtering, bifurcating and separating the emails in different folders on the basis of specified criteria. It is a way which helps in organizing the email into diverse folders for personal, subscriptions, work and other services. Email filter predominantly helps in the organizing and handling the inflow of all the received email messages. Classification of these emails can be done on the basis of email of senders and the message or subject content. Email filtering basically functions whenever an email is received on the server of the email. The server or the software stores and forwards the email which is stored on the basis of the filters applied. For example, if any is a folder named ”work” the email addresses having the name of work will be automatically transferred to the “work” file. Every mail is transferred according to its name to its respective file and an anonymous email address the email is by default transferred to the primary inbox and the emails which are suspicious are sent into the spam or junk folder.

Email Filtering

How to set up an email filter

  • logging into the Google mail account
  • going to the settings page
  • selecting the filter tab
  • clicking on create a new folder
  • putting the word spam
  • ticking the delete word and then ticking the create filter

Now the emails which have the word spam will be deleted automatically from the folder that is received.

It is an estimation that the spam could be growing to $257 billion every year. Email filtering helps in saving the time which is wasted in reading the bulk of emails that are not necessary and also stops the repercussions that are faced while handling the spam emails. It is a tool which is helpful in any online forgery.