Forced into feminization

Feminization better known as sissification is a practice in which the male partner is trained to act feminine. This is usually done by cross-dressing, in which a male is made to dress in female clothing along with proper makeup, hairstyle and nail paint. This can be achieved by the male dressing up in traditionally female clothing; some wears it because they enjoy this and do it out of their own will. Just like feminization, there is forced feminization also that is the same but forced to some extent.

When a male is forced to adopt the feminine role of the dominant partner; is made to wear women’s clothing and has to adopt feminine manners and name then it is called forced feminization. In forced feminization, a woman loves to humiliate and degrade helpless straight men, by making them wear kinky clothes and satin panties. It is basically a relation where the dominant makes the submissive do things because of a fantasy.

Forced Feminization

What happens in forced feminization?

  • In forced feminization, the dominant or the goddess forces the men to wear feminine outfits and makes them completely look feminine with a petite waist, large breasts and hips. The men being weak in some cases are also made to dress like sissy maids by wearing the maid uniforms and are then made to work in the kitchen area as a maid.
  • Another thing that can happen in forced feminization is that two sissies can be made to be forced to act feminine at the same time. They are made to surrender forcefully by making them dress like housemaids and then they are both made to work.

Mainly forced feminisation takes place out of the fantasies of the dominant partner but it is better if the dominant pre negotiates everything with the submissive partner. It is better to have consensual feminization than forced.