Go Easy with these Quirky life hacks!

To hack is to operate a system in a way, which makes it easy by all means, and that’s achievable only when you have a smarter way to deal a hard-hitting situation. Weird yet beneficial in many ways, is what hacks are all about. Just like you use the game hacks to jump on the next level, here comes the list of some quirky life hacks that would make your daily toil, simply wow.


Stick-on note pads are great keyboard cleaners– Stick on note pads have always been too good to let us remember our important work list. But did you know, you could use these colourful small reminders as a source to clean the dust accumulation lying within the keys of your keyboard. Tear a stick on, use the glued side to push it within the space between the keys, and the dust would stick to come out.

Mark your luggage bag not to lose it– Are you too pissed off searching for your bag at the airport, when it’s time to check out. If yes, then this hack will surely keep all the mess away. While you are packing in your essentials for a voyage, make it a point to tie a bright-colored ribbon or tiny fabric, which will surely wave you a sign of recognition.

Smart-check your batteries– If you aren’t sure about the efficiency of your batteries, drop them on a flat surface from around 6-inches height. If they bounce back to a certain height, they are good for further use, and if they don’t, it is probably an alarm to discard.

Stop it from boiling out– While you put a liquid on boil, don’t you constantly have to stand on the head of the pot to prevent it from boiling out. Put a wooden spoon on the top of the pan horizontally, it would restrict boiling out of the liquid.