Reasons you should invest in dedicated server

The use and demand of dedicated servers have increased drastically, however before the decision to purchase server is made it is important to find out if you actually need one or not. The decision of purchase of cheap dedicated server India is dependent on some of the major factors which have been explained in detail below.

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  1. If in case a load of application is too high that it cannot be handled by the shared server alone, in such a case it is feasible to purchase a dedicated server which can take up the complete burden of application and that too efficiently.
  2. Application on a hosted server tends to perform quickly when compared to a shared server. In such a situation it is feasible to have a dedicated server and experience smooth functioning of your application.


For companies and individuals who want to have complete control over their server then it is best to have a dedicated server installed at the place. In case of a shared server, it might get difficult for the user to do the settings or configuration as per their requirement. However such is not the case with a hosted server which is all available at the client site to make modification and changes as and when required.


Even though shared servers can be controlled with a variety of security systems, still the system is exposed to high risk due to system sharing. The security constraint can easily be avoided with the installation of dedicated servers. Any form of security issue or breach will occur only when security is breached by the client himself.

Specifications of hardware

Dedicated server means you can have a server or a machine physically present within your premises. Hence it is completely your decision as to what kind or type of hardware you wish to install and how much money you wish to invest in. This can enable you to spend money you have and complete hardware installation within a predefined budget.